Anonymous said: Hi Flasher Girl, I follow you on Flickr. Your pee pics on this site turn me on. How do I download pics from Tumblr? Thanks, Jim

I have not tried, but I guess you just right click and save them to your computer?

xdrew01 said: Do you cam? I'd love to cam with you.

lots of people ask this - sorry no I dont I am not online enough.

Anonymous said: Have you ever licked by a dog? Dog is the best lover, would love to see pictures or video of you making with a dog.

no and no desire to try.

Anonymous said: Thank you! `Wanked` so hard that I ran out of juice ... :-)

where is the photographic evidence? come on guys tributes always appreciated.

Anonymous said: Whats the wildest thing you've ever done with a person you have never met?

this changes over time of course. i think the first time i masturbated at the beach while a guy watched and wanked.

Anonymous said: Loved the pictures of you that the guy took for your husband. Would love to see more. Would love to see your other lips wrapped around his cock.

sorry i dont have any like this but glad you enjoyed the pics i posted. maybe in the future.

Anonymous said: You are so hot! Thank you for sharing! :-)

thanks. any favourite parts of my body and i will give you a closeup. or other requests let me know.

Anonymous said: hey ... we miss you! No more photos? :-)

ok plenty added today so i hope you enjoy

half-marathonman said: Absolutely love your pissing pics, very hot!

these are very popular - so here are some more.